We love to play Minecraft Earth, but we should always buy Minecoins or Rubies. In the long run this can be annoying and expensive. For this reason we have teamed up with some programmers to develop a working Minecraft Earth hack for iOS and Android!

From now on we make our Minecoins and Rubies Generator public for all players. It saves you money, time and lets you have much more fun in the game. In just four minutes you could already have a very large number of Minecoins and Rubies – without even spending a cent!

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More than 25,000 players from all over the world have already used it!

Currently the hack tool works fine!

Our Minecraft Earth hack apk hasn’t been around long. Just a few days ago we released it, but we already have thousands of users and new ones are added every day! We never thought it would go through the ceiling like this! The main reason for this is probably that the Rubies and Minecoins in the game are so extremely important. Let’s face it, nobody wants to waste real money on it. If it were just one time, it might still be okay, but over and over again? Never! Currently, Minecraft Earth hacks perfectly on every iOS and Android smartphone. From some sources we know, however, that the developers are already working on a solution that our hack should no longer work. Of course we’re working against it, because we’re constantly improving our cheats and hacks and adding new features. But we never know when the developers will release a new update and what the consequences will be.

We therefore recommend that you use the Hack for Minecraft Earth as soon as possible!

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Do whatever you want on Minecraft Earth

Constantly you are confronted with the fact that you should buy more rubies and minecoins to unlock items, reduce waiting times and much more. It’s all about spending as much money as possible. The biggest problem, however, is that the gameplay can suffer a lot. Imagine what you could do if you didn’t have a limit anymore. You wouldn’t have to worry about how many in-game currencies you have left. That’s why Minecraft Earth hack is so popular for free rubies and minecoins. Players know that in-game currencies are the key to even more fun and success. Getting these items the normal way can take a long time.

Advantages of the Minecraft Earth Generator

  • The Minecoins generator goes for iOS and Android
  • The Rubies Hack is completely in english
  • You don’t need to download or install anything
  • Many other tips and tricks in our Blog
  • No jailbreak or root necessary
  • We are constantly working on adding more features
  • Proxies for your protection
  • You will not be banished
  • Available in german as well
  • There are no more limits for you
  • Use the hack anytime and anywhere


Forget the other Minecraft Earth cheats

On YouTube, Twitch and other websites you will find many guides and tutorials for the game. Many even claim that these beginner tips are some kind of secret Minecraft Earth cheats. Most of the time this is absolutely not true. They’re not cheats, they’re just ordinary tips and tricks. They help beginners, but not experienced players. What experienced players need are free rubies and minecoins. We will help you to get them!